• This was a great experience and I’m confident in recommending this program to anyone. The staff at LNA Health Careers is friendly and professional!
    -May 2013 Graduate
  • I chose LNA HC because the length of the program was so short. My Instructor was amazing! I learned a lot and had a great experience.
    –May 2013 Graduate
  • I looked into other programs but I chose LNA Health Careers because they are completely focused on training Nursing Assistants. The staff was always very helpful and my Instructor was excellent! I loved gaining new knowledge and skills in a hands on environment. I’m going to miss the class!
    -May 2013 graduate
  • I would definitely recommend this program to others. My phone calls were always returned and my questions answered. My Instructor was amazing and incredibly knowledgeable.
    –June 2013 graduate
  • The length and price of the course was my deciding factor for choosing LNA Health Careers. I found everything to be very well organized and my Instructor was awesome! Overall, I had a great experience.
    –June 2013 Graduate
  • I chose LNA Health Careers because of the flexible scheduling. They had so many class options that actually worked with my schedule. I appreciate all the support I received prior to and during the course. Everyone was so polite. I learned a lot from my Instructor and feel like I’m prepared to be the best LNA!
    -July 2013 Graduate
  • LNA Health Careers was recommended to me by a friend who took the course. I also knew that LNA Health Careers has an excellent reputation so it was an easy choice for me when I decided to become an LNA. I thought the course was fun and educational and I learned so much more than I expected.
    –July 2013 Graduate
  • "My Instructor was absolutely wonderful. English is my second language, but the way she taught gave me confidence to ask questions while making me feel comfortable during my training."
    -Apr 2011 Graduate
  • "I chose LNA HC because several people informed me that this was the best teaching school for LNAs. Plus, they had a number of different classes to choose from, many locations and various course lengths. It was an easy choice. Everything was wonderful!"
    -Feb 2011 Graduate
  • "I am very pleased with LNA Health Careers and their staff. I feel my Instructor was very patient and answered all of our questions. Thank you!."
    -Oct 2010 Graduate
  • "I loved this course! My Instructor was amazing and impressively patient. Her enthusiasm boosted mine everyday. Everyone I had any interaction with was great."
    -Sept 2010 Graduate
  • "My Instructor is excellent! She explains things thoroughly, is patient and calm, and always takes time to answer questions. She's a great model relative to dealing with residents and staff. I can't believe how much I have learned!"
    -Aug 2010 Graduate
  • "The course was great, I feel very well prepared. The staff was very nice and helpful. I have a friend who is looking into taking the course and I told him it was one of the best decisions I've made."
    -Apr 2009 Graduate
  • "Everyone at LNA Health Careers was very well informed, professional and kind. I feel extremely prepared for my new job as an LNA."
    -Apr 2009 Graduate
  • "I know I received a maximum amount of experience and knowledge in a minimum amount of time. For someone looking to enter healthcare, this is a great option. I loved the course!"
    -Apr 2009 Graduate
  • "I learned so much in such a short time. I liked that the course was very hands on and I loved clinical! The staff at LNA HC is very warm and friendly and provided great customer service every time I called."
    -Mar 2009 Graduate
  • "I felt my Instructor went out of her way to show us everything and anything we should see, she was extremely knowledgeable."
    -Feb 2009 Graduate
  • "The course was extremely interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed it! I would recommend this course to others because it taught me so much. It helped to raise my self esteem and just makes me want to learn more!"
    -Feb 2009 Graduate
  • "My Instructor was wonderful and used all different types of teaching styles for different kinds of learners. She was very thorough and patient. Her passion for the profession is a great motivator."
    -March 2008 Graduate
  • "I enjoyed the shorter classes, the price was right and all inclusive. It was a great environment to learn in. My Instructor was so sweet and caring and gave us lots of information on how to take good care of our residents. "
    -February 2008 Graduate
  • "I had an excellent Instructor. The textbook is a good resource and my Instructor brought it to life and made it easy to digest. The competency checklist and tests ensure that all important info is covered. I feel very prepared and confident."
    -February 2008 Graduate
  • "I didn't have to look into other programs when I decided to become an LNA, I knew the reputation of LNA Health Careers is extremely positive in the healthcare community. After taking the class I couldn't agree more. The material was well covered and the class size was small and comfortable."
    -January 2008 Graduate
  • "I looked into other programs but chose LNA Health Careers for the convenience factor. I thought the course was excellent. The staff was very helpful and I absolutely loved my Instructor. Anyone who has the opportunity to take this course should, I know it was the right step in helping me to become successful."
    -January 2008 Graduate
  • "I have wanted to get into the healthcare field for a long time. I heard that LNA Health Careers was a great school so I signed up. I had the most amazing instructor! I plan on going on for my RN. Thank-you LNA Health Careers!"
    -January 2008 Graduate
  • "My Instructor was professional and compassionate, who encouraged and supported us while insisting on the highest standards of patient care. I would definitely recommend this course to friends and family."
    -December 2007 Graduate
  • "This has been a very exciting experience! The program was great with thorough instruction. My Instructor was so helpful and was always willing to answer any questions we had. The office staff did a great job assisting me with anything I needed during my entire course. If anyone was thinking about taking an LNA course, I would recommend LNA Health Careers highly."
    -January 2007 Graduate
  • "I feel this course is organized and keeps you on the top of your abilities. My Instructor was extremely knowledgeable and spent lots of time going over proper procedures. The office staff was always friendly and willing to help handle all questions."
    -Sept 2006 Graduate
  • "Like any short term, intense course, I learned more than I thought I would. I feel that this company has all the bases covered and is a very smooth running licensing program. It has been a pleasure to have friendly help and support every step of the way."
    -Aug 2006 Graduate
  • "LNA Health Careers gave me the most information and answered my questions thoroughly. I know that I made a wise decision taking the program with LNA Health Careers and I can't wait to begin my new career!"
    -Jan 2006 Graduate
  • "I would recommend this class to anyone interested in the LNA program. My Instructor was helpful, knowledgeable and an inspiration. The course was informative and well balanced. The text book was great, easy to work and very informative."
    -November 2005 Graduate
  • "My Instructor was great! She has made me feel well prepared to enter the Nursing Field. I would recommend her and LNA Health Careers to all."
    -Oct 2005 Graduate

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